Start 2019 with a Beautiful Smile!

Now that 2019 is almost here, make a resolution to invest in yourself in the new year. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best. Below are some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures offered by Dr. Patel at Shallowford Dental.

Teeth Whitening

Lifestyle habits such as drinking coffee, smoking, and eating dark-colored foods can all cause your teeth to reflect a dull yellow color. Normal aging and the effects of certain medications can have the same effect. Professional teeth whitening offers a simple solution to this common problem. After Dr. Patel creates your customized mouth trays, you take them home and pour whitening gel into them. You should then wear them at least one hour per day. Many patients report a brighter, more attractive smile in only a week’s time.

In-office teeth whitening is another popular alternative. With this procedure, you sit in our dental chair with the trays and receive careful monitoring from our dental staff. After just a single appointment, you can look forward to a smile that’s several shades brighter than what you have right now.


A porcelain veneer is an extremely thin piece of ceramic that Dr. Patel affixes to the front of your tooth to disguise common cosmetic issues. It makes an excellent solution to cover a large gap between two teeth, discoloration, cracks, crooked teeth, worn teeth, and a tooth that is too large or too small compared to your other teeth. Your dentist may need to remove a small portion of tooth enamel before placing the veneer to ensure the treated tooth doesn’t stick out further than the rest.

After preparing your tooth, Dr. Patel applies cement and places the veneer on top of it. He uses a curing light to force it to harden in place while also taking special care to match the shade of the veneer to your other teeth as closely as possible. Patients with advanced periodontal disease, severe misalignment, or extensive tooth decay may do better with porcelain crowns or orthodontic treatment instead.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

When Dr. Patel diagnoses tooth decay, you need a filling to help preserve the tooth. That is because decay causes small holes in the teeth. While silver amalgam filling material was your only option in the past, composite filling material resembling the color of teeth is much more popular today. This enables you to get the treatment you need without feeling self-conscious about displaying your silver fillings every time you smile.

Your dentist starts the filling procedure by cleaning your tooth and providing you with Novocaine to keep you comfortable during the procedure. He then applies the wet filling material and uses a curing light to speed up the process of drying. If you have more extensive tooth decay, your dentist may recommend an inlay or onlay instead of a filling.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry

Shallowford Dental offers several other cosmetic dentistry services, including dental implants, dental crowns, teeth bonding, dental bridges, and more. Please contact us today to learn more about each procedure you are considering to help create a whole new you in 2019.