How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

When deciding to have cosmetic dental work done, many people consider price first. It’s common to call different dental care providers asking for quotes, especially in cases where the type of dental work needed is something insurance won’t cover. Often, people are surprised to find out how much cosmetic dentistry cost differs from provider to provider and procedure to procedure. Here’s a look at what factors influence the price of a cosmetic dental procedure and how to make sure you’re getting both affordable and high-quality dental care when you book your appointment.

Invasiveness of the Procedure

A primary factor that affects cosmetic dentistry cost is how invasive the procedure is. Simple procedures that require less time and effort are generally going to cost less than procedures that are time and labor intensive. For example, composite bonding is typically a very short procedure, like a filling, while dental veneers require more time and effort for the teeth to be prepared and the veneers to be placed.

Whether Sedation Be Required

For some cosmetic dentistry procedures, sedation is necessary. There are different levels of sedation, ranging from mild relaxation to general anesthesia. There is typically an additional cost for sedation that increases with the level of sedation needed — for example, general anesthesia administered through an IV will generally cost more than simple sedation with nitrous oxide. For some procedures, patients can opt out of sedation to bring costs down, however, for some procedures or for patients with high anxiety, opting out of sedation may not be recommended.

Number of Visits Needed

While some procedures can be completed in a single visit, others span the course of several visits. If your dentist will require you to come in multiple times at different intervals, the procedure will cost more than if you only needed a single visit for the dental work to be completed. Typically the number of visits is non-negotiable — visits are often separated when time is needed in between different steps of the procedure.

Materials Used

Another factor that affects cosmetic dentistry cost is the type of materials used. Higher quality materials tend to cost more, but also have more longevity and can withstand more wear and tear. Cosmetic dentists often have a preference as to what materials they use for each type of procedure based on the performance of the material, so you may not be able to negotiate what materials are used during your procedure to reduce the cost.

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