Teeth in a Day

Are you worried about having to wear dentures?

What Are Teeth in a Day?

You may have heard about teeth in a day and wondered if it was a reality or if it would be possible for you. The good news is that, yes, it’s possible to get a full set of teeth in just one day! But you should be aware that there is a lot of planning and several other dental visits to make before that exciting day can happen.

When you choose Teeth in a Day, you will have all the teeth on your top or bottom jaw removed, implants placed in your bone, and temporary teeth installed on top of the implants, all in one day. Several months later, after you have healed, you will return to the dentist to have your temporary teeth removed and your permanent teeth placed.

If you do not need to have the entire arch of teeth removed, but rather just a few, you can still get Teeth in a Day through the same process as described above. However, they will be as single implants instead of the full arch all in one piece. This is often the favorable choice if you still have healthy natural teeth.

Why Choose The Cobb Center for Advanced Dentistry ?

At Cobb Center for Advanced Dentistry, we believe implant dentistry should always complement a patient’s oral health and general health. Cosmetic/implant procedures should be minimally invasive and should be completed in as few office visits as possible. Your dental work should improve your mouth’s health, function, and your smile, and that’s what we aim to accomplish with every patient.

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“Everybody’s wonderful. Dr. Patel – you just don’t get a nicer person.”

– Marie Hutson, Cobb Center for Advanced Dentistry Patient

  • Permanent solution
  • Improved chewing and speaking
  • Natural function and look
  • Improved facial appearance
  • Prevention of bone loss
  • No special care required
  • Very sturdy and secure
  • No diet restrictions
  • Can be changed or updated