sedation dentistry questions

Sedation Dentistry: All Your Questions Answered

Sweaty palms, racing heart, tightening throat – we’ve all felt anxiety in different times throughout our lives. If you’ve encountered these feelings related to the dentist and have avoided making appointments because of them, you might have dental anxiety. Refusing to see a dentist due to stress or anxiety is referred to as “dental anxiety”

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Unexpected Side Effects of TMJ

We’ve all caught ourselves clenching our teeth now and then, whether it’s from stress or just a habit that’s developed over time. Whatever the reason, teeth clenching leaves behind jaw pain that is not soon forgotten and is actually one of the leading causes to developing TMJ disorder. Jaw pain as a side effect of

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How To Choose A Cosmetic Dental Clinic

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental procedures that impact the way you look, and this can range from relatively simple teeth whitening services to complicated dental implants, crowns, and other prosthetics. To protect the beauty of your smile and the integrity of your mouth, you need to choose the right cosmetic dental clinic. Here are some

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dental implants

What To Expect During A Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant is a relatively permanent way to replace a missing tooth or a set of missing teeth. There are countless benefits to dental implants, and if you’re considering this option, you may be wondering about the dental implant procedure. Here’s an overview so that you know what to expect. Consultation

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How to Care for New Dental Implants

Getting dental implants requires some special care and attention to your teeth. While getting new dental implants is often less invasive than having teeth pulled and getting dentures, it is still a major event for your mouth. Dental implant surgery is often used to replace teeth that are missing or damaged with an artificial tooth

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Is Sleep Dentistry Safe for Your Family?

Millions of Americans suffer from a fear of going to the dentist, making it challenging for these individuals to receive the dental care that they desperately need to stay healthy. You may not realize it, but your dental health is tightly tied to your physical health—an overabundance of plaque on your teeth could indicate that

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Sleep Dentistry for Your Root Canal

When the pulp in one of your teeth becomes infected, you will need a root canal to stop the discomfort and to prevent the infection from spreading further. You risk developing an abscessed tooth, which can be significantly more painful if you delay the procedure. However, dental anxiety may hold you back from obtaining necessary

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